South African Investors to Lose $13 Million as Bitcoin Scammer Declared Bankrupt

A South African high court has declared an alleged bitcoin scam mastermind, Willie Breedt, bankrupt. The court decision follows an application by one disgruntled investor, Simon Dix, a News24 report states. Willie Breedt is the CEO of the defunct Vaultage Solutions (VS), the company at the center of the alleged cryptocurrency scam. According to South African media reports, an estimated 2,000 investors invested a total of 227 million...

Crypto Derivatives Volumes Crash 36% naar $393 Billion in June, a Low for 2020

Crypto derivatives trading volumes plunged 36% naar $393 billion in June, the lowest they have reached in 2020, according to a new report by Cryptocompare. The decline may be the result of a lull in investor interest in the instruments during the month in review. In May, derivatives – contracts signed by at least two people to buy or sell a digital asset at an agreed price in...

European Blockchain Ecosystem Needs €350 Million for the Next 18 Months

A study report by Leadblock Partners, an appointed representative of Sapia Partners LLP, finds an accelerating growth of the European blockchain ecosystem.The findings of the Leadblock Partners study suggest European respondents have a funding need for €350 million for the next 18 months.The European Enterprise Blockchain start-up ecosystem is mainly composed of early-stage start-ups at the pre-seed to series A-stages.About 60% of surveyed start-ups are now generating revenues,...

Bitcoin Volatility Hits Three-Year Low, Sparking Fears of Massive Sell-Off

The cryptocurrency data analytics and research company, Skew has warned that bitcoin could see a massive sell-off due to declining volatility. The data analytics firm says that bitcoin (BTC) realized volatility hit 20% over the past 10 days – it’s the lowest 10-day reading in nearly three years. “Last time we reached that level, we had the great sell-off of November 2018 shortly after,” Skew cautioned on Monday....

Binance Ordered to Halt Offering Derivatives Trading in Brazil

The Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) on Monday ordered cryptocurrency exchange Binance to immediately cease offering derivatives trading services in the country. CVM said in a July 2-dated declaration that Binance is not authorized to âœact as a securities intermediaryâin Brazil and threatened the exchange giant – the world’s largest by trading volume – with a R$ 1,000 ($186) daily fine. Binance cannot market or offer...

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Is Vulnerable to ‘Looting’: New Research Explains

Computer scientists Jona Harris and Aviv Zohar have examined the Lightning Network's "flood and loot" attack which preys on Bitcoin congestion.Want to know more on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network Is Vulnerable to ‘Looting’: New Research Explains click here go to Cryptocurrency news source. Cryptocurrency news summary from Coindesk Cryptocurrency News.Author: Alyssa Hertig

700,000 Expedia Hotels Can Now Be Paid With Cryptocurrencies via Travala

Meer dan 700,000 Expedia Group hotels and accommodations are now available via crypto-friendly travel booking platform Travala. Bookings can be paid with more than 30 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin. Despite covid-19, Travala saw a 170% increase in booking revenue from its 2 million properties in 230 countries. Travel With Crypto via Expedia and Travala Cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking platform Travala announced on Monday that more than 700,000 Expedia Group hotels...

Crypto Investor Brock Pierce Reveals 2020 Presidential Run, Promises Stimulus Check Overhaul

Controversial former child actor-turned-bitcoin and cryptocurrency advocate Brock Pierce has thrown his hat into the ring, promising to use technology to "enhance institutions and improve lives"...Want to know more on Crypto Investor Brock Pierce Reveals 2020 Presidential Run, Promises Stimulus Check Overhaul click here go to Crypto & Blockchain news source. crypto & Blockchain news summary from Forbes Crypto & Blockchain News.Author: Billy Bambrough, Contributor

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