Go anywhere security cameras

Wireless, battery-operated internet security cameras are the rage with Arlo and Swann bringing two more to market. Want to know more on Go anywhere security cameras click here go to market news source. Market news summary from The Australian Market News. Author: By Chris Griffith

Bitfinex Launches New Tether And Euro Stock Derivative Products

Bitfinex announces the launch of two new cryptocurrency derivative contracts referencing the largest European Equity companies and the largest German equities.Want to know more on Bitfinex Launches New Tether And Euro Stock Derivative Products click here go to Crypto & Blockchain news source. Crypto & Blockchain news summary from Forbes Crypto & Blockchain News.Author: Robert Anzalone, Contributor

Bitfinex Derivatives to launch Europe 50 and Germany 30 perpetual swaps

Bitfinex Derivatives to launch Europe 50 and Germany 30 perpetual swaps Submitted 28/09/2020 - 10:35am Digital asset trading platform Bitfinex has launched perpetual swaps contracts for Europe 50 and Germany 30, via its Bitfinex Derivatives platform. Each contract offers users up to 100x leverage and both will be settled in tether (USDt). “This is the first time that an exchange from the digital asset space has launched a...

Kucoin Hacker Leverages Uniswap to Dump Vast Number of ERC20 Tokens

Since the recent Kucoin hack, the crypto community has been waiting for the hacker to move funds. During the early morning hours (ET) on Sunday, a number of people noticed the Kucoin hacker started to move a large amount of ERC20 tokens to connect with the decentralized exchange (dex) Uniswap. The cryptocurrency exchange Kucoin was hacked on September 25, 2020, and early estimates said the trading platform lost...

Tether’s Stablecoin Dominance Drops Below 80% as Audit Controversy Lingers On

The total volume of stablecoins in circulation is closing in on the $20 billion mark, while the market-leading coin, USDT’s share of the total circulating supply continues to shrink, data from Coinmetrics shows. According to the data, USDT now accounts for an estimated at 80% of total supply, and the majority of the coins are now issued on the Ethereum and Tron networks. Out of the total supply,...

Over $150M Drained in KuCoin Crypto Exchange Hack

An Asian cryptocurrency exchange’s funds have been compromised in a security breach and lost over $150 million in crypto assets. The Singapore-headquartered digital asset exchange Kucoin said in a statement that it detected large withdrawals of bitcoin and ethereum tokens to an unknown wallet beginning at 19:05 UTC time on Friday.  In a live stream on 4:30 UTC time Saturday, Kucoin CEO Johnny Lyu said that one or...

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